What to do if audio isn't working

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2017-05-17 22:53
If audio isn't working properly here are some steps you can take to correct the issue: 1. Test the sound card. The sound card is the PCI card thats directly in the middle of all three PCI cards. Run an "auxiliary to RCA" cable from the female audio jack attached to the sound card (red end), to an external speaker. If audio does not play, then it is likely the sound card is at fault. If audio does come out of the speaker, then proceed to step two. 2. Check the PCI card and make sure it is firmly inserted in to the PCI slot on the motherboard. The PCI card is the card located in the PCI slot farthest to the right. if you're looking at the unit from the front. if this does not resolve your issue, proceed to step three. 3. If your problem has yet to be resolved using the previous steps after you have done both of the previous steps, your problem may be the rear board. Switch your RCA cables through both sets of RCA ports on the rear panel, if you're not getting audio from either one, then your rear board can be the cause of the issue. Tags: audio not working
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